We drive your brand currency

Who are we.

At Currency we take an uncompromising view of your brand. Unbiased by internal or external perception, politics or company advisors. We look at the sum of the parts and guide you with an independent view, so you can capture opportunities, tackle challenges and reach your highest brand currency.

We work exclusively with business owners, executive boards and management teams to manage, drive and protect their reputation and brand equity in today’s unforgiving online media landscape. We set the the right internal and external dialogue, create the right experiences with the right audiences, at the right time.

What We Do

Capture New Markets

  • Build / boost unknown brands
  • Build personal profiles
  • Deepen audience engagement

Brand Turnaround

  • Reposition brands
  • Internal operations reorganization
  • Crises management and reputation repairs

Drive Valuation

  • Accelerate company valuations
  • Manage and position pre-stock exchange listings

Expertise designed for

Chief Executive Officer

  • Repositioning
  • Industry scandal
  • Pre-listing market value
  • Independent counsel
  • Access to niche senior specialists
  • Boost personal and brand relevance

Private/High profile Individual

  • Build positive reputation and specific agenda topics
  • Repair damaged personal brands

Chief Digital Officer

  • Capture industry digital space
  • Build a digitally minded environment
  • Digital narrative and experiences
  • Automation and analytics

Chief Financial Officer

  • Prepare for imminent listing
  • Communicate company narrative to markets and investors
  • Manage quarterly results and major announcements

Chief People Officer

  • Company culture turnaround
  • Change management journey

Chief Transformation Officer

  • Steer change management
  • Cultural and organization transformation

Chief Operations Officer

  • Assessment of brand value
  • Customers feedback and gap analysis
  • End-to-end digital and organizational audit

Polictical Personalties

  • Drive community awareness and action around political issues
  • Lobby issues and brands for public decision making

Brand worth we built

Our specialist team

Rozzyn Boy

Alpesh Patel

Gaylene Ravenscroft

Hamish Clarke

Ilse Lasschuijt

Lisa Baird

Mikhael Kolotov

Nick Reed

Sophie Ann Terrisse

External Advisors

Garry Bullard

Ivan Blinoff

Anton Kudryashov

Laurie Bowen

Agency Partners

Your brand is your strongest Currency. Make it count.



English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Xhosa, Swahili, Afrikaans, Madagascan, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, Scandinavian, Albanian, Macedonian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Malaysian, Mongolian, Thai, Gujarati, Hindi